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Based on China's development and growth, Kaishan is not only undergoing transformation into a new energy company, but also seeking a global layout. In 2009, Kaishan set up Jersey North America R & D center in Seattle, which attracted many top compressor experts in the world and formed a new model of "R & D in North America and made in China". Kaishan has started its pace of globalization, and has successively established Kaishan compressor (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd., Taiwan Kaishan Compressor Co., Ltd., American Kaishan Technology Co., Ltd., American Kaishan Energy Co., Ltd., kaitain asset management (Australia) Co., Ltd., Singapore renewable energy development Co., Ltd., Singapore KS orka Renewable Energy Co., Ltd, It has gradually carried out global mergers and acquisitions, successively acquiring Australian Antarctic star compressor, Austrian LMF compressor company, Hungary turawell geothermal company, Indonesia Pt sokoria geothermal company, Singapore OTP geothermal energy Co., Ltd., Indonesia Pt SMGP Geothermal Engineering Company, Indonesia Pt OTP GSI geothermal service company, etc., making Kaishan begin to take shape globally.

Kaishan is headquartered in Quzhou, China. It has branches in Shanghai, Chongqing, Guangdong, Taiwan and Hong Kong, Seattle, Santiago, Orlando, Melbourne, Singapore, Jakarta, Indonesia, leoberstorf, Austria, Budapest, Hungary and Belgrad, Serbia. It has branches in Russia, Colombia, Brazil, South Korea Malaysia and Thailand have offices.