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Guangdong Zhengli Precision Machinery Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Kaishan., has successfully applied scroll technology to the industrialized development of small displacement air compressor after nearly ten years of manufacturing precipitation and technology accumulation, and comprehensively innovated the competitive advantage of scroll small displacement air compressor.

Scroll compressor has the advantages of both piston machine and screw machine. With the development of machining technology, its profile processing is much simpler than the three-dimensional profile processing of screw rotor, which reduces the processing cost. Moreover, the scroll air compressor has stable operation, high reliability, no vulnerable parts and low operation and maintenance cost. It can give full play to the advantages of the scroll compressor and meet the requirements of modern society for high efficiency and energy saving.

The application of scroll compressor in the range of 0.5m3/min-3m3/min has gradually become the mainstream model.

working principle:

The low-pressure air enters the working chamber from the suction port opened on the static vortex disk. As the moving vortex disk rotates in a plane with a small radius around the center of the static vortex disk, the working chamber expands or shrinks accordingly, and the compressed air is finally discharged from the exhaust port at the center of the static vortex disk.

Structural advantages:
  • Simple structure, small volume and light weight.
  • Small force change of moving parts, stable operation, small vibration and low noise.
  • Few moving parts, reliable and durable.
  • The volumetric efficiency is 98%, the thermal insulation efficiency and mechanical efficiency are high.

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