Engineering The Future
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Manufacturing capacity
Owns core manufacturing capabilities to create maximum value for customers
85% of the product components are independently developed and produced
Patented screw rotor profile
The whole series of products have reached class I energy efficiency
Manufacturing strength
The completed manufacturing system to ensure leading total costMade in Global, Kaishan can perfectly realize the transformation of R & D achievements into products on the basis of leading total cost. The following are Kaishan's global core manufacturing bases:
Quzhou Kaishan Industrial Park
Zhejiang Kaishan Compressor Co., Ltd Zhejiang Kaishan Kevin Screw Machinery Co., Ltd Zhejiang Kaishan Purification Equipment Co., Ltd Zhejiang Kaishan Pressure Vessel Co., Ltd Zhejiang Kaishan Energy Equipment Co., Ltd
Shanghai Lingang Kaishan Industrial Park
Powertech (Shanghai)Compressed air system technology Co., Ltd Shanghai Kaishan Refrigeration System Technology Co., Ltd Shanghai Kaishan Gas Compressor Co., Ltd Shanghai Kaishan Energy Equipment Co., Ltd Kaitec compressor (Shanghai) Co., Ltd Shanghai Power-Tech Screw Machinery Co.,Ltd. Shanghai Kerry Automatic Control System Co., Ltd LMF Compressor (China) Co., Ltd.
Leobersdorfer Maschinenfabrik GmbH
Kaishan has its own knowledge products
Core technology and energy of screw host manufacturing

Conserving our planet

In recent years, Kaishan has spent tens of millions of yuan on the construction of the test-bed alone. According to the concept of a first-class company, the test-bed is the precondition for the company to develop products. The laboratory is a must to produce first-class products.

Engineering the Future

Heat treatment equipment is the basic material guarantee of manufacturing enterprises. Kaishan products have a strict quality management system from raw material screening, metal processing to finished products leaving the factory. 85% of the parts of the product are produced by ourselves.