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Purification equipment

Zhejiang Kaishan purification equipment Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Kaishan, is specialized in R & D and manufacturing:

Freeze dryer, adsorption dryer, combined dryer,Filter, compressed air precooling unit, oil-water separator, high efficiency degreaser, high efficiency air cooler, self-cleaning air filter,Compression heat regeneration adsorption dryer, blast dryer.

Nitrogen generating unit, oxygen generating unit.

At the same time, according to the needs of customers, we can provide air-cooled, water-cooled, high temperature, instrument, single chip microcomputer, programmable, frequency conversion, high pressure, explosion-proof, environmental protection and other forms and characteristics of air compressor post-treatment equipment.

The products are widely used in electric power, electronics, metallurgy, machinery, automobile manufacturing, petroleum, chemical industry, textile, chemical fiber, papermaking, rubber, instrument, food, air separation, cigarette, medicine, biology, daily chemical and other industries.

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