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Fluid Machinery- Vacuum Pump and Blower

Chongqing Kaishan Fluid Machinery Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Kaishan, as a manufacturer of Kaishan fluid machinery, carries the R & D and manufacturing of Kaishan fluid machinery products. The main products are screw vacuum pump, oil-free screw blower, magnetic levitation blower and dry pump series under development.

Based on the better design under the application condition, you can meet the maximum air extraction and the most energy-saving requirements under this condition.
It is also one of the vacuum pumps with the smallest floor area among similar products.
The patented intake valve is adopted to realize differential pressure injection.
Cancel the forced oil injection of the oil pump, so that there is no power loss of the oil pump and no risk of oil pump failure.
The intake valve volume and permanent magnet motor speed regulation realize the n-type climb of the air extraction, so that the vacuum pump is always in the best performance range in the range of 5-350mbar.
The original air replenishment scheme at the end of the vacuum pump makes you have less air attenuation and more stable operation under high vacuum.
The speed control system of permanent magnet vacuum pump independently developed by Kaishan can realize the maximum air extraction and maximum power output of the vacuum pump under different vacuum requirements.
Excellent PID control and intake valve capacity adjustment perfectly match your vacuum pressure and vacuum air demand, and the pressure is more stable.

Innovative airend design:

The air-end adopts "Y" rotor profile, cylindrical and tapered roller bearing triple design, and the bearing life is more than 100000 hours. Super first-class reliability and service life. Low speed large nose design, stable performance, lower noise, integrated design, convenient installation.

Scope of supply:
  • Power:11kW~160Kw
  • Pumping speed:6.9m3/min ~96.9m3/min
  • Limited pressure:0.5mbar(A), 0.67mbar(A)
Application fields:
  • Medical - hospital central system, enclosure adsorption, laboratory central system.
  • Pharmaceutical - ointment and powder degassing, vacuum filling, suction filtration.
  • Electronic industry - taking, placing and conveying of components, circuit board manufacturing, central vacuum system.
  • Food production - poultry processing, coffee, packaging, cheese processing, vacuum cooling of agricultural products.
  • Material handling - automatic test equipment, material taking and placing, bulk material conveying, vacuum handling.
  • R&D system - Laboratory Central vacuum system, vacuum drying and distillation system.
  • Printing and papermaking - book binding, newspaper and magazine printing and marking system, degassing bonding.
  • Processing industry - CNC cutting and manufacturing, thermoplastic forming, extrusion, mold degassing, material treatment.
  • And ceramics, vacuum adsorption and vacuum handling. Power battery, central vacuum system, packaging and baking applications.

Kaishan oil-free screw blower adopts the high-efficiency screw rotor profile developed by its own patent. The male and female rotors of the main engine rely on a pair of high-precision synchronous gears for meshing operation, and the bearing is sealed with the compression cavity. There is no oil in the compression chamber to provide customers with clean and oil-free air.

During operation, it is compressed in the belt, with high thermal efficiency and good power balance. It can realize no foundation installation, less air flow pulsation, and greatly reduce the noise. The integrated control system can unattended and remotely control the integrated one-way valve and overpressure relief valve. It can be equipped with start-up unloading valve. The belt conveyor group can be equipped with frequency conversion motor and frequency converter. The unit is equipped with permanent magnet frequency conversion motor and frequency converter as standard.

Scope of supply:
Technical features:
  • High efficiency and excellent performance curve,it is more energy-saving and environment-friendly, and its performance and reliability have reached the international leading level.
  • Low noise:The noise level meets the national standard and reaches the advanced level among similar products.
  • Long life:all imported SKF high-speed bearings are adopted, with bearing life > 100000 hours, and the design service life of the whole machine exceeds 30 years.
  • Flexible flow regulation:When the frequency converter PID control is adopted, the gas volume can be accurately controlled within a certain range, perfectly match the gas consumption conditions of users, and the operation is more energy-saving.
  • Multiple control modes:Oxygen content control or pressure control can be selected according to customer requirements.
  • Leading integration technology:
    frequency conversion unit integrated;
    simple installation, stable operation, integrated frequency converter and controller.
  • Convenient maintenance:adopt standard motor and standard host, and use belt flexible connection or direct connection to facilitate on-site maintenance.

Sewage aeration、Homogenization process、Air water recoil、Oxidative desulfurization、Pneumatic conveying、Biopharmaceutical (fermentation) industry、Printing industry、Paper industry、Galvanized、textile process

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