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Expansion Power Generation Equipment

At present, a large number of waste heat and pressure resources in the industrial field are directly discharged, which not only causes a waste of energy, but also destroys the environment on which human beings depend.

In this context, Kaishan's screw expansion power generation technology came into being to provide a complete set of solutions for enterprises to use waste heat and residual pressure resources. Kaishan screw expansion generator set includes direct expansion generator set using residual pressure and organic Rankine cycle (ORC) expansion generator set using waste heat. According to the heat source situation of customers, Kaishan provides a variety of high-efficiency cycles of Kaishan patents, such as single-stage or cascade direct expansion generator set, single-stage or cascade Orc expansion generator set and direct expansion and orc cascade generator set, so as to make the best use of waste heat and residual pressure energy and provide maximum benefits for customers.

Screw expander is a volumetric expansion machine. Usually refer to double screw expander. Kaishan screw expander is designed and optimized for gas expansion. The expander is mainly composed of shell and a pair of screw rotor. The high pressure gas or steam flow into cavity adiabatic expansion and drive rotor rotation, the gas pressure and temperature is decreased at the outlet of expander. This process can provide kinetic or power energy. The inlet steam can be saturated or two-phase, and screw expander can keep high isentropic efficiency under wide range of load.

At present, Kaishan's screw expansion generator set has been widely used in the fields of waste heat power generation in iron and steel industry, industrial residual pressure power generation, geothermal power generation and bioenergy power generation. At present, the company has completed more than 90 screw expansion power generation projects. The project is mainly distributed in steel, petrochemical, plastic, chemical fiber, geothermal, biomass and other industries. Kaishan's high-end screw expansion power generation system is running efficiently and stably.

In particular, Kaishan's continuous investment, construction and operation of overseas geothermal power stations have been recognized by the global geothermal power generation industry in terms of global geothermal power generation equipment and geothermal power station operation. Kaishan has become a major supplier of global geothermal power generation equipment and a leader in global geothermal power station operation management.

Kaishan expander power generation equipment business includes:

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