Screw Air Compressor
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Screw Air Compressor
  • Kaishan has a complete pedigree of various screw air compressors, which can meet the needs of different customers.
  • Excellent optimized design and industrial testing, will ensure high reliability, and reduce operation and maintenance costs
  • Ikaishan compressor Internet of things system, reduces the demand for maintenance and effectively, improves the utilization rate of the compressor.
  • Kaishan has its own intellectual property rights and patented technology, which is very convenient for customers to use and technological transformation.
Scope of supply:
  • Rated Power range:4kW~400kW
  • Flows range:0.5~100m3/min
  • Rated pressure range:1.5~35bar

Kaishan screw compressor has a full spectrum of single-stage and two-stage products that meet China's national energy-saving product standards, and its high-end series products all meet China's national first-class energy efficiency and super first-class energy efficiency.

The full spectrum screw compressor with independent intellectual property rights of Kaishan can meet the demand for compressed air at all levels of the market.

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