Kaishan owns full series compressor product line with independent intellectual property rights, including piston compressor, screw compressor, scroll compressor, centrifugal compressor, process compressor and high-pressure reciprocating compressor and so on.
It provides efficient and reliable compressed air and gas power for energy, public utilities, mining, steel, textile, industrial machinery, food processing, automobile, papermaking, Medical Pharmacy, cement, electronics, electric power, wastewater treatment, energy-saving transformation, petroleum and petrochemical, chemical industry, air separation and general industry.
Kaishan will provide:
۰ The design, equipment, manufacturing, project management, maintenance and operation of compressed air system and fluid mechanical system
۰ Provide customers with energy-saving and efficient compressor air scheme
۰ Leading energy efficiency, excellent reliability, reasonable use of operating costs, excellent air quality and timely and fast service
Screw Air Compressor
Kaishan screw compressor has a full spectrum of single-stage and two-stage products that meet China's national energy-saving product standards, and its high-end series products all meet China's national first-class energy efficiency and super first-class
Portable Compressor
It adopts screw host with high compression efficiency, brand engine with strong power, gas volume control system to meet various needs and efficient cooling system, with excellent performance and strong reliability.
Scroll Compressor
Has successfully applied scroll technology to the industrialized development of small displacement air compressor after nearly ten years of manufacturing precipitation and technology accumulation, and comprehensively innovated the competitive advantage of
Centrifugal Compressor
Is a market developer of Kaishan's high-end products. It has the market sales of a variety of Kaishan's high-end products such as screw compressors, centrifugal compressors and fluid machinery.
Fluid Machinery- Vacuum Pump and Blower
Chongqing Kaishan Fluid Machinery Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Kaishan, as a manufacturer of Kaishan fluid machinery, carries the R & D and manufacturing of Kaishan fluid machinery products.
Process Compressor
Kaishan has a first-class process screw compressor with independent intellectual property rights and a professional product manufacturing system.
Refrigeration Equipment
Kaishan refrigeration is committed to the R & D and promotion of energy-saving, environmental protection and efficient refrigeration systems. The production base is located in the heavy equipment industrial zone of Lingang New Town, Pudong New Area, Shang
Expansion Power Generation Equipment
Kaishan's screw expansion generator set has been widely used in the fields of waste heat power generation in iron and steel industry, industrial residual pressure power generation, geothermal power generation and bioenergy power generation.
Purification equipment
According to the needs of customers, we can provide air-cooled, water-cooled, high temperature, instrument, single chip microcomputer, programmable, frequency conversion, high pressure, explosion-proof, environmental protection and other forms and charact