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Kaishan refrigeration is committed to the R & D and promotion of energy-saving, environmental protection and efficient refrigeration systems. The production base is located in the heavy equipment industrial zone of Lingang New Town, Pudong New Area, Shanghai. Kaishan refrigeration is gradually becoming the world's top refrigeration system solution enterprise. Relying on Kaishan's complete machinery manufacturing system and strong design team, Kaishan refrigeration integrates key points such as Compressor R & D and manufacturing, refrigeration system engineering design and installation, refrigeration unit and heat exchanger design and manufacturing, and customizes a full set of refrigeration energy-saving solutions for customers.

Refrigeration device serving the needs of industrial process.

Kaishan industrial refrigeration provides the refrigeration equipment required by the industrial process. The industrial refrigeration equipment unit can be designed and customized according to the user's process (such as refrigeration capacity, process medium, system form, etc.), special configuration (such as protection and anti-corrosion, explosion-proof of dangerous gas, electrical / instrument, etc.) or relevant standard requirements, and provide more optimized system solutions.

Kaishan industrial refrigeration has a series of standard units specially developed for industrial refrigeration applications. Its standard units include screw compressor unit, compressor condensing unit, brine unit and container equipment.

Kaishan screw compressor unit can be used for ammonia, various Freon refrigerants, propane and propylene media; Kaishan screw compressor unit is efficient and energy-saving. Compared with similar products, it saves electricity by 10% or more. It is the first choice for energy-saving products.

Kaishan standard brine unit has semi closed screw compressor series and open screw compressor series respectively. The evaporation temperature basically covers the medium and low temperature working conditions required for industrial refrigeration application, and the refrigeration capacity range covers the refrigeration capacity required by most industrial refrigeration. Ethylene glycol solution or calcium chloride solution can be used for brine.

  • petrochemical industry
  • coal chemical industry
  • Fluorine chemical industry
  • Chlor alkali chemical industry
  • Food and beverage
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Photovoltaic / energy industry

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Professional construction: large and medium-sized medium temperature cold storage, low-temperature cold storage refrigeration system; Refrigeration system of livestock and poultry slaughterhouses, high and low temperature meat products factories, quick-frozen food processing factories; Refrigeration stations in beer, beverage, dairy and other factories, refrigeration stations in chemical and pharmaceutical industries, ultra-low temperature refrigeration systems, etc.

The main products are:
  • Ammonia refrigeration compressor unit.
  • Ammonia drum pump skid unit.
  • Ammonia plate cooling module unit.
  • Parallel refrigeration compressor unit for fluorine.
  • Fluorine parallel compressor + bucket pump skid integrated unit.
  • Fluorine parallel compressor + plate cooling module integrated unit.
  • Carbon dioxide parallel refrigeration unit.
  • Drum pump skid unit for carbon dioxide, etc.

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