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Kaishan Portable screw compressor. The driving modes include motor drive and diesel engine drive. Explosion proof mobile compressors can also be provided. As an innovator in the field of China's mobile screw air compressor, the mobile air compressor provided represents the world's leading technology and quality, and can provide high-standard products and services for global oil and gas exploitation, drilling technology, pipeline construction, mine drilling and blasting, water well drilling, infrastructure construction, market maintenance, OEM and other fields.

Kaishan Portable screw air compressor provides high standard working performance in the industry and meets the most extensive construction needs in the market. It adopts screw host with high compression efficiency, brand engine with strong power, gas volume control system to meet various needs and efficient cooling system, with excellent performance and strong reliability.

  • Reasonable configuration can meet different application environments and provide different ranges of gas and pressure.
  • Fast and efficient transfer and applications can improve customers' return on investment.
  • Optimized portable screw air compressor to improve customers' procurement and application experience.
  • The engineering project application of Kaishan Portable compressor can realize multi-purpose application experience.

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