Conserving Our Planet
LMF’s contract at the value of 20.67 million Euros officially comes into effect
At the beginning of the new year, LMF company of Kaishan brings in a good news that it has received advance payment of 6.2 million Euros from a famous natural gas company of Russia. The advance payment represents 30% of the contract which has a value of 20.67 million Euros for 16 truck-mounted natural gas pipe evacuation units. The advance payment made signifies that the contract has officially come into effect.

The client of the contract is a Fortune 500 company which uses LMF pipe evacuation technology to avoid methane emission from its gas transportation pipe system. Established in 1850, LMF is a leading provider of high-pressure reciprocating compressors for petroleum and natural gas industries of the world. LMF has been chosen by the client in this contract as its new supplier of equipment.

This project has important strategic and commercial significance in terms of establishing LMF’s leading position in the market for pipe evacuation units, and will be a new growth source for LMF in 2019.